Top Relaxation Apps for Your Mood

Top Relaxation Apps for Your Mood


The last month I have been busy trialling and reviewing apps to improve your mood for this top relaxation apps list. Some new, some old. Some rubbish and some, I have to say, pretty damn good!

I don’t know about you, but I have a bit of a love hate relationship with technology and apps; sometimes I strongly believe they are the bane of our existence and then other times I am in awe of their supreme efficiency. Well this blog is all about that awe.


I have chosen these top relaxation apps for all having different strengths and different ways of supporting us, but most importantly all being extremely user friendly. For me that’s one of the first things that will either get me using an app (or deleting it) and it’s even more crucial when you’re maybe not feeling your best and looking for an uncomplicated way of taking the edge off. If you have used any of these top relaxation apps or have any ones you use worth mentioning then please leave a comment below.

1.    Thrive app – ENGAGING & USER FRIENDLY

This was in is all about the simple, friendly design. It’s got a real warm feeling to it, like you’re entering your own private island of peace. Just listening to the background sounds and looking at the animated beach scene is enough to give me mind a much needed massage. I think Thrive app would be perfect for visual people. I especially love the very lovely idea of the message in a bottle feature where you can sent words of encouragement to other users. They’ve really thought about using that kindness factor to boost ones mood. Downside it offers a 3 day trial and then requires a subscription to use most features, although we think the £3.99- £4.99 a month is well worth it. 

  •  Evidence based techniquesthrive
  • Meditation and breathing techniques
  • The design is very interactive and user-friendly
  • Progress and mood tracker with suggested techniques
  • Great variation of time lengths for the techniques, ranging from 3 -15 minutes
  • Zen garden feature- Perfect if you need a Zen way to distract yourself with your hands (i.e. similar to benefit get from using fidget)
  • Three day free trial

2.   Pacifica app – COMPREHENSIVE

This pacifica app is in the top relaxations apps list for being a solid all-rounder; using mindfulness, meditation and some simple cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.  The app is also incredibly flexible in its use. You can use it purely in the moment, e.g. feel stressed – enter the app – rate your mood – be given some techniques to use – feel calm again. You can use it to begin to improve your day to day mood by incorporating the little reminders you for you to practise some relaxation technique. Or, you could make it more goal orientated, setting yourself certain goals you would like to achieve over certain amount of time. The pacifica app is well designed for busy people and it’s features are more suitable for older adolescents and adults. 

  • Targets your specific mood and mood rating scale
  • Choose an overall goal
  • Thought reframing tool
  • Motivational quotes and daily prompts
  • Lots of free features so no need to sign up to subscription if you don’t want to
  • Guided meditation practise
  • Hope mood board (my personal favourite)

3.    Stop, Breathe & Think – MEDITATION SPECIFIC

This stop, breathe & think app is all about using meditation to find calm. There’s so many different guided meditations depending on how you’re feeling or what you want to achieve.  There’s also the added bonus of a few short yoga videos for relaxation too (which of course, we love). Top, breathe & think app is great if you’re someone who needs to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, as it has lots of learning features to find out a little more about how stress impacts us and how meditation can help, but in simple bite size chunks. If you want to use and understand meditation more, this is the app for you.

  • Simple well explained techniques
  • Guided meditation for all sorts of goals
  • Pregnancy meditation
  • Few yoga videos
  • Nice design and layout
  • Can hook it up with your apple health app
  • Track your progress and your mood
  • Not as many techniques available for free as the Pacifica app

VYM TIP: Check out the website links for each app (click on name of app) . Theres lots more to learn and access via their websites that we think will be helpful to choose which is best for you. Remember these apps are designed to get you using relaxation techniques on a daily basis so that eventually it will just come naturally; turning you all into stress-free 21st century beings 🙂 

REMEMBER: If you’re interested in finding out more on how to manage your mood and would like to delve deeper into finding strategies and techniques to enhance your relaxation, check out our boost packs and coaching packages here. 

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