Yoga pose catalogue

Yoga Pose Catalogue

Here we have a catalogue of asanas that can help alleviate certain negative symptoms you may be experiencing.  We have also included a couple of yoga breathing exercises which can also be extremely effective in encouraging a more positive mental state. 

Depression/ Low mood

The symptoms of depression and low mood such as feeling lethargic, difficulties concentrating, negative thought patterns and low motivation levels, can all be helped with the practise of yoga. The poses below are found to be particularly effective due to their energising yet calming effect. 


Yoga is a great way to calm the mind and body in preparation for sleep.  By practising restorative asanas (poses) we can slow the breath down, release tension that has built up over the day and begin to quiet the mind.  The postures below focus on opening and releasing areas where we hold tension such as the hips, shoulders and back. They also include inversions and forward folds that are great for calming the nervous system.  

Stress and anxiety

Similarly to the way yoga helps with sleep it also helps us feel less anxious and/ or stressed, calming us down and clearing the mind. Below is a combination of grounding postures, breathing exercises and chest opening poses. The grounding postures bring our body to stillness, allow us to slow our heart rate and ease our minds into the present moment.  The breathing exercises relax the nervous system, slow the heart rate and blood flow and allow oxygen to floor our bodies. Lastly the chest opening exercises reenergise and lighten us by easing tightness around our heart and lungs (two areas we tend to hold tension when anxious or stressed).