Coaching Packages

Through our coaching packs we offer 1-1 coaching, mood and lifestyle evaluation, and mood boosting toolkits to take away. You can drop us an email with any questions you have or to request your free 15 minutes telephone consultation.

The packages below are all available to purchase via our online shop. 

Assess Me Boost Pack ~ £29

For people who want some general pointers but happy to do the leg work to get there themselves. Generally your doing ok but could do with a little bit of guidance on areas that may be needing improvement, or maybe your interested in our other packages but don’t want to take the plunge just yet.

Included in this package:

  • Full online lifestyle & mood evaluation
  • An online assessment of your general wellbeing and exploring any potential concerns you are wanting to address
  • Explore what barriers are currently preventing you from achieving your goals
  • Find out what you could be doing to get more from your day
  • Feedback report from our expert mood coach; stuffed with tips and techniques on how to find more contentment within your life, improve your general wellbeing and begin to address barriers that may be getting in the way of your achieving your goals

Express Lane Boost Pack ~ £89

For those who want a quick fix push in the right direction this ones for you. Great way to quickly re-motivate, give your health a boost and increase those energy levels.

This is a 21 day program. It aims to give you that gentle push in the right direction and gives you a whistle stop tour of the key modules stated in the signature package. 

Included in this package:

  • Full online lifestyle & mood evaluation
  • Optional 30-45 minute consultation via phone with our mood coach, to gain a deeper understanding of your goals and current challenges your facing
  • A individually tailored wellness plan to follow for the 21 days
  • Weekly check in with your mood coach via email to identify barriers, help you overcome these and provide further tips for the upcoming week
  • A mini toolkit to take away with you, full of tips we’ve discussed over the 21 days and extra takeaways that you might find useful in the future. 

Complete Restore Pack ~ £199

Stressed, feeling flat, unmotivated or are you unable to switch off? Poor sleep, lethargic, bloated, poor skin? If any of this rings true then this is the package for you.  

A 6 week program to get mind and body restored, re-motivated and happy. Although this is designed around you and we support you according to what you need, as a general guide we also aim to cover the four components outlined here.

Included in this package:

  • Full online lifestyle & mood evaluation
  • Initial 60 minute consultation via phone (assessing goals, general wellbeing, imbalances, discovering your body type).
  • An individually tailored wellness plan covering all 4 key components outlined here. 
  • Continuous support and guidance through each stage with our wellness expert, via email and weekly skype or phone sessions over the 6 weeks to identify barriers, help you overcome these & prepare for the following week
  • Your own bespoke toolkit stuffed full of tips, techniques and information on how you can carry on your journey after your program ends. 
  • 10% discount off any of our other VYM packages or retreats.