FAQ – Mood Coaching

What is mood coaching?

Mood coaching works on the simple belief if we feel our best we will do our best. It’s about supporting you in unlocking your full potential or achieving any goals you may have by ensuring your mind and body are functioning to the best of its capabilities. 

Mood coaching can assist you in achieving a variety of goals. This could include weight loss, smoking, managing stress or anxiety, improving mood, job satisfaction, preventing or managing specific health issues and many other personal objectives.  There is lots of different types of coaching but here at Value Your Mind we specialise in emotional health based issues, specifically anxiety & stress reduction. 

Like what you hear but thinking how does this all work?

Unlike some other mood coaching services, we take a structured, action orientated approach. Our signature & express package covers key elements which research & experience shows are crucial in the management of stress, anxiety & general happiness. We have created this into an easy to remember format – CARE.

C – closeness: Your relationship with others and yourself

A – achievement: Your sense of purpose and short term/ long term goals you set yourself

R – relaxation: How you take time out for you

E – exercise & eat: Looking after your body and fuelling it right for you

Your mood coaching begins by having an initial consultation with your coach. This involves establishing your goals for treatment and assessing your current lifestyle, diet, fitness, job satisfaction, relationships, mood and daily routines. You then cover the four key elements with our wellness expert, along with assisting you in achieving any specific goals you have via online webinars, weekly sessions via skype or video call and email correspondence. 

Why should you chose VYM’s mood coaching?

Value Your Mind’s mood coaching is provided by our founder and wellness coach, Nathalie. She has 10 years of experience within health & mental wellbeing services. She is a qualified mental health practitioner, yoga instructor and healthy food blogger.  Her experience up to present day has involved supporting individuals, couples and families through a variety of issues including depression, relationship difficulties, parenting, stress and anxiety. Her background and knowledge in mental health, yoga and nutrition allows her to provide support within the mood coaching that combines several highly effective wellbeing disciplines and techniques which she utilises to create her bespoke packages, tailored to individual need. 

Worried about cost?

Don’t. We have several different mood coaching packages available. You could start with just the initial assessment (only £29) and then when time suits go for the next package. Or if you would like to invest in the full works mood coaching package (£199), we are happy to discuss a monthly payment plan with you. We are a firm believer that money shouldn’t be a reason not to value your mind and so will try to be as accommodating as possible.