Christmas Wellness Gift Guide

Christmas Wellness Gift Guide

Christmas Wellness Gift Guide

I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, (especially as I’m writing from the very hot India) but… yup, it’s that time of year again! CHRISTMAS! Is it me or did this year fly by. Although to be honest I think I say that every year. Argh someone needs to invent a way to slow stuff down. But, on the positive there’s always the gifts to look forward to 😉 and this year there’s some really exciting wellness gifts to look forward to potentially receiving (with some subtle hints dropped here and there). 

Over the last couple of months I’ve been trialling some of the latest wellness gifts out there. The market is just booming with this stuff. So, I decided to have a strict criteria with who made it into the top wellness gift guide. With each wellness gift meeting the following guidelines:

  • From an independent company with a great ethos
  • A focus on emotional wellbeing
  • Made with love and no scrimping on quality


Justbe happy rollerball – £9.95
This is my go to! I carry it with me everywhere. It’s small so perfect for your pocket or handbag and gives my senses an instant perk up. Again this is made of pure essential oils. These ones are to induce happiness, with the refreshing citrus scents of grapefruit and lime (and again the grounding impact of my favourite, Bergamot).

Positivitea £5
I always include these in my gift lists because I just love these teas. Being based on your chakras make it such a personal gift for the yogi/ alternative health lovers out there. Think balancing, calming, energising; I mean they pretty much cover all bases. Perfect for someone who likes consumables; or, someone you just don’t know what to give. I mean you can never have enough tea, right?

Fernes happiness journal – £12
I’ve tried many happiness journals but there’s something very heart warming about this one. It’s not dated so you can start it anytime and its sprinkled with lots of positive affirmations, quotes and pearls of wisdom. Ferne has been on the journey with her own mental wellbeing and so Ferne’s happiness journal really seems to come from a place of authenticity.

Wheat bags for The Wheat Bag Company – £12.99
If you haven’t experienced the benefits of weighted bag on your tummy or shoulders, you are missing out! I really like The Wheat Bag Company products as they beautifully made in the UK and smell of lavender (great for promoting calm). A weighted wheat bag helps reduce anxiety in the body and mind. The added benefit of these ones is you can heat them in the microwave, doubly the comfort factor.

Made by coopers calm spray – £12 wellness gift guide We’ve recently been trialling this as a spray in our yoga classes. But now I pretty much spray it everywhere, I mean quite literally every room of the house. It’s such a simple way to boost that sense of relaxation in whatever environment you require and the added bonus is it’s all natural, made out of 100% essential oils. We all know how relaxing lavender can be for the mind but have you ever tried bergamot or rosemary? Both these oils are included in the calm spray and have the impact of balancing the hormones as well as helping us feel grounded. Perfect!!

Yoguh insulated bottle – £32.50
Hey presto the perfect gift to go with your positivitea. These bottles are multi-functional. You can use them as an eco friendly water bottle, a flask to carry your hot drink or even better a way of having fresh herbal teas with the clever infuser section it has.


Lumie Body Clock 750d alarm – £199
My absolute favourite product of all time! I literally don’t know where I would be with out it. I have previously reviewed there starter clock which is also great if your looking for the same effect but at cheaper price of £59.However now they have a new product out called the Lumie body clock 750d. These clocks are all about waking you up with a gradual natural sunshine. 

Unlike the starter clock, with this one you can also create a sunset effect too. You can set the length of the sunrise and sunset, you can add sounds of nature to it and you can also choose certain days you want the light alarm to work on. I set it for a 15 minute sunset around 10pm with the sound of thunder and rain (this is whats called a white noise effect and is proven to great to induce deep sleep). The sound gradually reduces along with the light. In the morning I just use the sunrise setting and that is plenty to wake me up, but for those who are deep sleepers, you can also set a sound to wake you up too. This is all plus plus plus marks for the mood by ensuring you wake up in a calm, natural way. Oh and as if you needed more reason to get it, an added bonus is it double’s up as a radio or speaker, which you can connect to via bluetooth or USB.

NEW Liforme love yoga mat – Ok this isn’t specifically about wellbeing, but it’s yoga related and I just feel I couldn’t write a gift guide without featuring my yoga friend, the Liforme yoga mat. I’ve written reviews about these mats before (see details here) and will be writing a new review on their latest mat in the new year. So I won’t go into too much detail here. But, if you’re buying for a yoga loving recipient… This is the gift! The founder of Liforme is extremely passionate about his product and this really comes across in it’s performance and quality; its durability is amazing, it is the only mat that stops my hands from slipping and the bonus is there are lots of lovely colours to choose from 🙂

Ultimate Planet Organic Foodie Hamper – £120
Stuffed with all the best organic healthy treats you could think of. I’m pretty sure the receiver of this will be loving you for ever. It has so much to get those taste buds excited about. Just like the positivitea, this is definitely one for the consumable lover. Christmas doesn’t just need to be about the ‘bad for you’ treats after all 😉

As a parting treat for you we also have our very own gift to give- Check out our self-care gift voucher here!

If you are looking for further inspiration check out the wellness gift guide I wrote a couple of years ago here.

Oh and if you have any other wellness gift ideas please do share with us all in the comments section below!

Happy Christmas y’all!
Nat, VYM x

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