Wellness at Festivals ~ Guide & Review

Wellness at Festivals ~ Guide & Review


It’s that time of year again! Time to don your wellies, stock up on whatever alcohol is left on the supermarket shelf,  find the tent (I swear I never remember where I put it last) and get your dancing feet ready. 

Yup, it’s festival season. And this year I am very excited to be reviewing my favourite two things, mental wellness at festivals.

Below is my pre-festival ‘wellness at festivals’ blog; what to get excited about at some of my favourite festivals and how to keep those happy hormones up. I will also be writing a post season ‘wellness at festivals’ blog of what I tried at these festivals so stay tuned.


I have to admit, since nearing and now seeing in my 30th year I am all about the wellness zone. Gone are the days I didn’t bat an eye lid at washing with baby wipes and eating whatever I could get my hands on. But the great thing is wellness at festivals seems to have really been embraced in the recent years and with dedicated zones, inspirational talks, healthy grub every which way you turn. It’s a 30’s, yoga loving, mental wellness advocates dream.

BLISSFIELDS 6th-8th July 

This is a great little festival. To start with I love that they have so many educational elements to the festival. So much so they actually provide you with a ‘leave of absence’ letter for your child’s school on the educational experience they offer. Love it!


  • The disco yoga, promising to ‘reboot your booty and 
    revive your spirits.’ Just whats needed after a night of dancing into the early hours, and what with the whole children friendly element, they also provide a kids yoga session too! You can find this at the Backyard area.
  • The craft area. Blissfields certainly embrace the meditative effects that a good craft session can have on our moods. There’s so much to try; origami or leather workshop, bag making, or my favourite pottery sculpting. Chance for a little Ghost scene recreating? 😉
  • Quenchers smoothie stall. Now we all need a good smoothie post the night before, but these guys seem to really understand their smoothies; all organic, all low fat. You’ll find me hanging out here on Sunday for sure.

WILDERNESS 3rd- 6th August:

wellness at festivals

I could, of course, take a whole blog writing about all the things Wilderness festival has planned for it’s wellness at festivals experience. From being invited to swim naked in the lake, to forage in the wood for snacks, this festival really has made natural healing and fun it’s ethos. In fact the festival is actually based on a nature reserve which definitely takes its authenticity to whole new level 🙂



  • Omersion yoga: Sound, scent and yoga. What better combination is there. This is a great way to get your mind balanced and give all your senses some TLC.
  • Yoga Nidra at the Sanctuary space: There’s a couple of yoga nidra sessions to choose from by the sound of it. So if you can find a window in your day to get yourself involved in this, do. Your mind will be thanking you for a long time to come. 
  • Neals yard therapy treatment: So much to choose from these guys, from facial to deep tissue massage. I want it all! If you haven’t tried any neals yard goodness on your skin then your missing out. It’s all natural and perfect way to cleanse and revive
  • Attend a workshop: Wilderness have a amazing choice of experts ready to bestow the wisdom on you. I’m loving the sound of the transformational breath workshop.

BESTIVAL 7th – 10th September:

I have to admit I have a little Bestival obsession. With many already under my belt, I am fully aware of how well Bestival do the ‘wellness at festivals’ thing, so getting excited by what’s in store this year. I mean it’s a good sign when they have an arena which is, in their words dedicated to ‘mental and spiritual states of wellbeing.’  Aptly named the Slow Motion arena, it’s got pretty much everything; yoga, laughter workshops, hot tubs, therapy treatments, sound healing, the list goes on.


wellness at festivals

  • Milgi’s plant based cafe: All about reconnecting you with nature through your food. Perfect way to nourish your soul.
  • Reflexology: This is just what your tired feet need after all that stomping.
  • Wood fired hot tub: I know this seems expensive but trust me it’s worth it. I did it last year and it was amazing!! The heat and water are the perfect way to cleanse and relax before your next evening of dancing. Book before you go to avoid missing out.
  • Witness the fitness area: This is a new addition for those who are need of a high energy burn out. It includes hip hop yoga, fat buddha yoga (who knows what this entails) and best of all laughter and happiness workshop. What better way to get those endorphins going! It seems Bestival has really embodied the wellness vibe this year!


Quick tip list to ensure you’re getting the most out of your wellness at festivals experience.

  1. Seek out the veggie tents/ sushi bar – fill your boots with sweet potatoes, spinach and rice
  2. Camp where you can open your tent and see the tops of trees or preferably in a quieter campsite. Yes it’s a walk from the main stage but walking’s good for you, as is a good night’s sleep.
  3. Attend a slow flow yoga class, restorative or meditation (just one will be better than none).
  4.  Do some inversions to find calm e.g. shoulder stand. Do some twists to massage out those over worked kidneys. Check out my yoga catalogue for some yoga mood lifting postures you can do on your own.
  5. If there’s a yoga nidra session going on somewhere SEEK IT OUT. This is perfect way to feel like you’ve had a good nights sleep without actually sleeping. Winner.
  6. Buy and eat some watermelons. Watermelons are a yummy way to rehydrate and lower your blood pressure which could be raised after all that partying. There always seems to be some stall selling them somewhere
  7. Bring and eat plenty of bananas and apples. Bananas for energy and calm, apples to boost your mood.
  8. Take a shower or treat yourself to a hot tub. I can’t impress the difference this can make on your mood and energy. You will never appreciate being in water as much as you do when you do it at a festival!

That’s it for my 2017 wellness at festivals review and guide, for now. If you have any tips please do share in the comments below and remember to check back at the end of the season to get the low down on how each festival did in the VYM stakes.

Now I’m off to find that blooming tent.

First stop, Blissfields.

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