The power of to-do lists….

The power of to-do lists....

The Power of To-do Lists

Confession. I am a to-do list obsessive. I write to-do lists for everything; work, shopping, places to go, recipes to make, things to watch, reminders for the day, reminders for the week. The list is endless! I don’t think writing to-do lists is born from me being a particularly organised character or anything; I mean I have learnt to become organised over the years, yes, but back when I was younger I’m not sure organised would be the first word that sprang to my Mum’s mind as she was faced with the chaos of trying to get me to tidy my room each week. Instead I think my to-do list obsession came from a way of reducing the responsibility on my mind and my memory. Once written down I no longer had that constant niggling feeling like i’d forgotten something or was about to forget something. But instead I could just jot it down, allowing the calm me to transcend once again. 

However it’s not the simple to-do list reminders that I’m wanting to talk about today; we all know write something down and you’re more likely to remember it. What I wanted to share with you today is the power of to-do lists as a life mapping tool. What do I mean by this? Well, in any journey you need a certain idea of direction, pin points on the map you’re aiming for and the same can be said about life. Through using to-do lists you can begin to plot out your journey, kinda like the to-do lists are map coordinates guiding you through. (To see my ‘how to’ scroll to the bottom) 


Pretty much as soon as I started my first life mapping to-do list, I noticed instant results. I found my weeks were more focused but also I felt a great sense of achievement with each week I looked back and saw what I’d accomplished. I also found I began to stop making excuses for why not to do something, but instead just did it. For example for the last few months I’ve been really struggling to get up in the mornings.  I used to find it easy and whenever I did, I felt great for it; but in recent months, more often than not bed has been winning. So, down it went on to the ‘what I want to start doing’ list and within a week I found myself back in to my early morning routine; give or take a few lazy days in bed of course 😉 

How To (Other free cheat sheets can be found here)

What you need – Pen, journal/ diary (I advise going out and buying one so that it’s something you have got specifically for this purpose). 

Directions –

  1. First take 30 minutes quiet time, with a cup of tea to complete your two umbrella to-do lists. Include both personal and professional goals
  • What you want to start doing in the next year? E.g. Get fit / Spend more time with loved ones 
  • What you want to have achieved in the next 5 years? E.g. Own a house / Job promotion 

2. End of each week complete your weekly to-do list. I like to do it on a sunday evening in my pjs but whatever works for you. Just ensure which ever day of the week your choosing to do it on you stick to. 

  • What do you want to do this week? E.g Finish writing a report / Start reading that book / Go out for dinner with friends

3. Commit to 5 minutes each morning to writing your daily to-do list. Make sure it’s not just a household or work tasks list but also includes things that will bring you enjoyment.

  • What you want to do today? E.g. Get the washing done / Book a restaurant for the weekend / Go for a run

And that’s it. Simple right? The hardest thing is probably sticking to it. So my best advise? Be disciplined with it. Remember its only a few minutes out of your day but it can make all the difference. Want to find out more tips and techniques, check out our mood boosting and coaching packages here. 

Any questions please leave comments below. Enjoy to-do listing 😉


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